Thursday, October 6, 2011

Presents from Sweden!!

It's not everyday that your doorbell rings and standing there is the mailman holding presents that were completely and totally unexpected (umm...yeah. Does that EVER happen?!), but that was the case tonight for Scarlett and Holden. They received presents from Mormor, Grandad, Aunt Katrina and Uncle Jonathan. And these were presents from Sweden which makes them extra cool. Here are the kids fresh outta the bath enthusiastically saying "CHEESE" (while simultaneously thinking "hurry UP WOMAN so I can open this!")  
 Smarties in a Cinderella dispenser!!
 And Pippi Longstocking and a Pippi book and Mr. Nilsson, Pippi's monkey (not pictured).
 And Holden got Smarties in a Cars dispenser!
 (Geez...think he likes it?)
 And Bamse (the world's strongest bear) and Lille Skutt (one of Bamse's trusty sidekicks)
 And "Who Will Comfort Toffle"

We're saving the Smarties for this weekend though. If we gave the kids Smarties before bed it might have the same effect that dunderhonung has on Bamse (that's a little Swedish humor for you).
Thanks so much for the presents guys! The books were read at bedtime and the dolls/animals are being cuddled with as I type! Love you!