Monday, June 11, 2007

3 Week Update

Scarlett is doing very well! She gained 3/4's of a pound in between her one and two week checkups. Her Docter was very impressed with both her, and Joe and I for seeing that she's getting enough to eat. She is already noticeably bigger! Her neck muscles are developing as she is now able to hold her head up unassisted - for a little while anyways! That's because she loves her tummy time on her playmat that Aunt Stephanie bought for her! It's great exercise. Link, on the other hand, hates her playmat because it's not his. All the shiny toys, bells, and whistles mock him. Although he is having trouble with Scarlett not "sharing" her toys (or shall I say not donating them for demolition) Link is handling the new baby far better than anyone had anticipated.