Friday, May 18, 2012

Scarlett turns five!

5…I can’t believe it. 5 – We’re talking pierced ears and love letters from boys, here. We’re talking being enrolled in elementary school and asking for high heels (even if they are only the “little ones”). Five is the age parents anticipate…to me, it's always felt like the start of real kidhood. And while something undeniably feels like it’s ending by you turning 5, there’s a whole heck of a lot that’s just beginning, goose.

I know they say that you’re not supposed to be friends with your kids – but you’re my friend, kid. I like hanging out with you. You’re funny and gregarious – you’re smart and beautiful and you put my sense of fashion to shame. I’m so proud you’re my kid. You are way more awesome than I ever hoped you could be. I like our daily commutes. I like when you think I said something funny because you make me say it over and over and over again (and I like that you always laugh as though you've just heard it for the first time). I like that you cry when your “heart is just so happy” (actually, I like that a lot). I like singing along to the radio with you (and I secretly like when you mess up on lyrics – just so you know, all the other kids with those pumped up kicks do not, in fact, run “faster than the udders”). I think that’s what makes it easy for me to pick your song for the year – I see you singing so much. I see the songs that are important to you…the ones that clearly move you. This year's song is no exception.

So, goose, please know that tonight - you are young. Light this world on fire, kid...burn brighter than the sun. Please know that this world is forever on your side. I know that I won't always be all that you've got - but if you ever (ever, EVER) feel like falling down - I'll carry you home. Tonight and always. Happy birthday, goose.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Holden turns three!

Suddenly – you’re you. You’ve figured yourself out this year, kiddo. You know what you like (and so do we), you know what you want       (…and so do we). You’re no longer satisfied following your big sister around and doing everything she does. You want to do stuff, too. So we take turns doing stuff…lots and lots of turns.

This year brought more milestones than I thought possible. You turned into a kid right before our eyes. Goodbye to cribs. Goodbye to diapers. Goodbye to Nuks and Elmo (sob). Hello to big boy beds, underwear, Super heroes and TALKING. My goodness, little man– you can talk. We never thought we’d see the day where you would out talk your sister, but trying to listen to both of you at the same time is quite possibly one of the funniest (and mildly excruciating) tasks we’ve ever been presented with.

So…who is Holden on his third birthday? Your sister laughs at almost everything you do. You like to tell everyone you're a smart little boy. If you do something wrong, you get really serious and tell us in the most sincere little voice "I really, really sorry." You love the Hulk and will often talk in a Hulk voice. You suddenly really like barbecue sauce. Whenever we get your hair cut, you repeat "I don't want a silly guy hair cut" over and over...and over again. When you're comfortable, you tell people you're warm and cozy. You're adorable and cuddly and such a funny guy - and we can't believe you're three!
Happy birthday, Holden!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Parent Observation at Dance Class

Today was parent observation at dance class. Joe had to work, so Holden and I went by ourselves. Scarlett did fantastic and Holden was so well behaved while he watched his big sister. We got to see a preview of Scarlett's two dance routines (this year she'll do a tap routine and a ballet one). Her spot is right up in the front row for BOTH routines and I could not have been more proud. Here are some pictures:

She looks so old in the picture above - I can hardly take it!

Always time to be silly.