Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer recap - in photos

We've been so busy this summer. So, so busy.
We've taken hip hop dance classes.

We've been to the beach. A lot.

And parks, too. Even parks AT the beach.

We got a small pool. (In which, Scarlett learned to swim this summer.)

A tree promptly fell on that pool 1 week later. (Pool was saved.)

The kids took up running. (Scarlett is up to 3/4 of a mile.)

We went to tons of carnivals.


We saw lots of Blake.

We got a leak in our shower drain.
We, 2 months later, still have a hole in our kitchen ceiling.

Holden can write "H-O-L" all by himself.
(And his mother is quite fantastic at writing "D-E-N.")

We hung out with some new and already good friends.

And then it was football and summer was over.

See? So, so busy.