Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer recap - in photos

We've been so busy this summer. So, so busy.
We've taken hip hop dance classes.

We've been to the beach. A lot.

And parks, too. Even parks AT the beach.

We got a small pool. (In which, Scarlett learned to swim this summer.)

A tree promptly fell on that pool 1 week later. (Pool was saved.)

The kids took up running. (Scarlett is up to 3/4 of a mile.)

We went to tons of carnivals.


We saw lots of Blake.

We got a leak in our shower drain.
We, 2 months later, still have a hole in our kitchen ceiling.

Holden can write "H-O-L" all by himself.
(And his mother is quite fantastic at writing "D-E-N.")

We hung out with some new and already good friends.

And then it was football and summer was over.

See? So, so busy.


Melanie Brennan said...

Adorable Lauren!! Your kids are too cute, and I always enjoy how you capture their fun/special moments!