Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"I'm gonna get that baby!"

Scarlett and Joe have been playing a new game recently - a game entitled "I'm gonna get that baby." It's kind of like tag, although it's a little one-sided because Scarlett never chases Joe around the coffee table saying "I'm gonna get that daddy." Scarlett shreiks with joy as Joe chases her. She loves it. And yes, she is wearing leg warmers.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A messege from Scarlett's third tooth:

Hey folks, Scarlett's third tooth here. I just want to introduce myself seeing as I made such an abrupt appearance in such an unusual spot. I'd hate to be considered rude. "Where am I," might you ask? Well...I am not on the top left, nor am I on the top right. In fact, I'm not on the top at all. I am conveniently located just to the left of Scarlett's first two teeth - on the bottom. I'll apologize now for the spontaneity of my arrival, and for the fact that I'm "shaking things up" by not appearing in the much anticipated top row like everybody said I would. Hey, what can I say, I'm just a wild and crazy guy...or tooth, ahem. Anywho, here I am...making the score - bottom row 3, top row zero (go bottom row!! whoo-hoo!!). Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Sincerly yours,

Tooth #3, Esq.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Daffodil Festival

Monday, April 21, 2008

This little piggie...

This little piggie went to the market.
This little piggie went to the fair.
These two little piggies made their way into Scarlett's hair. And Scarlett went "wah wah wah" the whole time mommy was putting them there.Ah pigtails...what a momentous day.

Extra black olives, but hold the pickles please

Hmmmm...let's see what Scarlett will eat.

Olives - check!

Pickles - nope.

Saturday, late afternoon.

Saturday evening, Scarlett and I met Joe after work, and then met Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Craig to hang out at a park. Actually, the real story is that Joe and Uncle Craig wanted to throw around a softball for a bit before their softball league starts in a couple weeks and Scarlett, Aunt Stephanie, and I were lucky that a park just so happened to be there. My baby sister, and my baby bubbaloo. Then we went to Archie Moore's in Milford for dinner. Did we have fun? Whadda ya think? Here's Scarlett putting on a show - as usual. It's quite appropriately titled, "The Scarlett Show." We're working on a theme song.

Beardsley Zoo!

On Saturday, Scarlett and I met with Mossimo and his parents (Dan and Jen) to go to The Beardsley Zoo. It was such a beautiful day out and I was very excited to get out of the house and be outdoors for a bit. Apparently, so was the entire state of Connecticut - because I think all of its inhabitants were there. All of them. Here is a picture of Scarlett as we were heading to the front gates of the zoo...though don't let her face fool you. This is her excited face - as well as her mad face, happy face, docile, confused, ecstatic faces etc., etc.Upon entering the zoo, we were immediately greeted by giant "DAWS!," which means horses in Scarlett gibberish. Actually, "daws" is any animal...and maybe some things that aren't animals too. The horses were amazing until we got up close to them - then...not so much. We moved on pretty quickly.
We found some wolves. The zoo had a little hut set up where we could view the wolves from behind glass. This was perfect for Mossimo and Scarlett.
We then moved on to the farm exhibit, or as displayed by Scarlett in this photo, tried to move on. (We're still not so great at the walking thing.) The terminologies "wipe out" and "baby down" were used quite frequently throughout the day.

Holding mom's hand while walking = smile.Not holding mom's hand while walking = total look of precariousness. Mossimo thought the turkeys were hilarious. Jen and I thought they were hideous.Scarlett thought they were making...her very...sleepy...yawn. We saw a beautiful peacock who, in my opinion, was a little pea-cocky. Come've got nothing better to do than to stand there showing all the world (or at least all of CT who, I know, happened to be at this particular zoo on this particular day) all of your peacock glory. Holy crap...I take it back. Can you go back on the other side of the fence now please?They were checking out an adorable baby bear in this photo. I, on the other hand, was checking out adorable baby humans. I totally want a prairie dog. When we were mostly animal-ed out, we got in a very long line to get some lunch. Scarlett kept herself busy by playing with her All-Stars. Why do I even spend money on toys when Chucks are obviously the way to go? My new philosophy - If the baby shoe fits, wear it. If the baby shoe just so happens to be a pink high top with shoe laces, don't leave home without it. After Scarlett's healthy meal of cafeteria chicken fingers and french fries...she got the urge to dance...kind of. (Come on Scarlett...don't hold back or anything - geez)

We watched the carousel with much interest. No rides yet though.
After that, Mossimo went home for a nap. Scarlett and I, who were waiting for Joe to get out of work, hung out with some monkeys to kill time. Please notice the monkey napping on a tree branch in the notice my napless daughter's enthusiasm at seeing said sleeping monkey. Why won't this child sleep?

That's it! Yay, Beardsley Zoo! Yay, Mossimo! Yay, nice day!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

"And she'll have fun fun fun until daddy takes the buggy away...cause it's time for bed."

Scarlett got a new toy tonight. I labeled it "the day before her 11-month birthday present," so I didn't feel so guilty about buying her yet another toy. Scarlett's daycare has one of these, and Scarlett loves it. Now that it has warmed up quite a bit, Lesia (her daycare provider) has been bringing the kids outside to play and has discovered that it is necessary for someone to be pushing Scarlett in this at all times...or meltdown central occurs. cheeky baby. She likes it so much that we got her one for home too. How could we not? Here is a video of Scarlett first laying her eyes on her new ride, while it still has that "new car" smell. Joe had yet to install the headlights, the radio and cruise control - heck he hadn't even installed the ignition yet, but it ran fine. (The aforementioned are all stickers, of course.)

We drove all the way up to the front of the house...
and back again. Scarlett was so proud of her ride that she insisted we park it out front and blast the newly installed radio so that everyone driving by will think she's cool. I think she got that from the neighbours."Not now mom...I am trying to look cool."Link also liked the new car. We invented a new game of "run over the dachshund," but Link was too quick. We changed the title to "try to keep up with the dachshund" instead. Man we suck at that game.As it started to get dark, we headed inside. This was MUCH to the dismay of Scarlett. (I see what you mean, Lesia.) Hi, meltdown. We had to bring the car inside with us, and Scarlett and dad played with the car inside for a bit. That is, until dad lost his voice from making fake car noises. Yeah...I wish I was kidding.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy birthday, Josie!

Scarlett's friend, Josie, turned two today! Scarlett was invited to her first kids birthday party ever! Josie was a lucky girl! She had a pinata, balloons, an ice cream cake, and Dora - as far as the eyes could see! Here are some pictures from Josie's big bash.

Scarlett and William hanging out...Josie's mom, Marie, explained to Joe and I that the world of pinatas has changed drastically since we were children. Pinatas now come with many kid friendly ribbons to pull on - only one of which will open the bottom of the pinata to release the candy. Of course, there is still nothing preventing you from beating the heck out of the pinata with a stick, but now...parents have a more "peaceful" option.
Of the vast pinata contents, Scarlett was allowed about 10 seconds of a blue lollipop. When oceans of blue drool began cascading out of her mouth I decided that was enough. Here's the pretty birthday girl! This baby knows how to party!
Scarlett wanted this pink balloon so badly! You can see it in her face when William drops it. Look at her take off after it as it floats out of his sight over on the other side of the living room. her defense - it matched her outfit perfectly.
Scarlett sat and watched as Josie opened her presents, with the eager help of her brother, Javier.Josie loved the "baby" we got her. She came fully attired in a rain jacket and rainboots. Then we started to get tired. (And we do not, in fact, like birthday hats. At all.)
And even more tired - so we had to say goodbye. Scarlett slept the whole way home. But then Aunt Stephanie came over, so...We danced on coffee tables. The end.