Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

We went to the tree lighting on the New Haven green tonight. We met everyone at our church and then walked over to the green to see a boy's choir, Santa, and yes...Ronald McDonald. I told Scarlett all about Christmas but I hope she didn't get confused and wind up thinking that Ronald McDonald will be climbing down our chimney to leave her presents. That thought even petrifies me. Scarlett had a lot of fun. We got some great pictures. Unfortunately our camera ruined Christmas and died right before an adorable photo op with me, Scarlett, and Rudolph. Joe told me I should let that go already. It's hard, but I'll try.

Attack of the abominable snowbaby! Look out!

Scarlett with her friends, Elias and Jesse (and the parents, of course, but who cares about us, right?)

"Tree? What tree? Why is everybody being really, really loud?!"

Scarlett's new Canadian threads

Scarlett got some new clothes in Canada from family members who asked her to "represent" back in the states. Canada's down like that. Grandad and Aunt Katrina picked out this adorable shirt.
Scarlett can only handle so much Canada at once. She fell over.

And Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hopkins got Scarlett this awesome snowsuit. I love it too because it has bear ears on the hood. How fun! Perfect timing for the tree lighting festival we went to tonight!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh Canada!

We're back! What a fun trip. I don't know how, but Scarlett survived 10 hours of driving each way without making one peep. She was awesome - as always. She had no trouble sleeping, eating, or maintaining her utterly pleasant disposition while in a foreign country. That must come from her being half Canuck. We did encounter some snow which came as a shock to everyone. It was cold "oot and aboot." This explains the ridiculous hood that I made Scarlett you can see she finds it hilarious. It has fur on it...come on...fur is funny!
Here is a picture of Joe and Scarlett right before the Canadian border. Note the evil eyes of Joe as I made him pose for a "very important" picture in 2 degree celsius weather ("aboot" 36 degrees fahrenheit).

We then went on to Burlington, Ontario to meet Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hopkins! Check us "oot!" (For the sake of wanting you to read on I will stop with the Canadian accent jokes now).

We, of course, had to remove and eat our socks. No day is complete without doing such.

Thanksgiving day lunch at the Swiss Chalet - this certainly beats my cooking.

Heading up to Mormor and Grandad's in Aurora - let it snow, let it snow...make it stop.Meeting Mormor and Grandad was fun for Scarlett...especially while displaying remnants of carrots all over her face! Mormor had earrings, or "bling," which were of particular interest to Scarlett. With her new pinching skills I am surprised that these earrings are still in the possession of Mormor! Daddy and carrotface hanging out (I swear I tried to wash these carrots off).
Scarlett finally got to meet Aunt Katrina and Uncle Jonathan. They had watches on their wrists and strings on their sweatshirts - all of which they let Scarlett slobber all over. What more could a baby ask for?!
Here Scarlett got to meet her second cousin, Hannah. Hannah collected giant stuffed animals from around the house for Scarlett to play with and drool on. You know...this family really gets my kid. Here is the whole Adams clan (well...minus a sleeping Scarlett)Mormor brought us to downtown Toronto for a Swedish Christmas festival. Scarlett loved looking at all the people and decorations. Here Joe and Mormor are walking Scarlett backwards on a very windy Toronto street.We think that Scarlett has grasped the idea of peek-a-boo. Either that or she has grasped the idea of completely fooling her parents - both of which would be amazing.
Well folks...that was our trip. As always it flew by way too quickly. The next time Scarlett sees her Canadian relatives she'll be walking and talking. the rate she's going she'll be doing quantum physics. Alright...that may be a stretch. She'll be doing algebra.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sure Scarlett...whatever you say.

We're off to Canada for a few days! Scarlett wanted to bid you all least I think that's what she's saying. Have a great holiday! Check back on Monday for tons of new everything.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A very merry half birthday to Scarlett!

Scarlett turned six months today. Do you want to know how our day started? At 6:00 am when Scarlett woke me with her very delicate "unghhhs!" (which let us know she is up) I made a bottle and walked upstairs into my daughter's room only to discover she had managed to turn her mobile on all by herself and had fallen back asleep to the gentle sounds of the rainforest. I love this kid. After she woke up we had applesauce and cereal and hung out in pj' you can see.

Besides cereal and applesauce Scarlett also ate paper...

and socks...

Our only goal of the day was to have Scarlett photographed to commemorate 6 months of life. This was us before we left for the photographers (hey...I hate wearing tights too)...

This is the utter cuteness we ended up with...How this was possible I'll never know.

When we got home we played...and played and played. Check us out...
The end!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Go Scarlett Go!

Scarlett is trying so hard to crawl! All the motions are there...except the forward motion. And yes, Joe and I have tried to show her how it is done. We have family crawl-around-on-the-floor parties. They're all the rage. It won't be too long before we have to baby proof everything we own - now that I think about it...that kind of sounds like a pain in the diapered bum. Maybe we'll go back to working on sitting.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crawling by Christmas??

Okay...I'm taking bets. Who thinks this kid'll be crawling in the next few weeks. She moves constantly and only takes brief breaks to chew a toy or look at her feet. Could it have anything to do with the fact that she plays on a He-Man comforter? Is it possible that she is summoning the power of Grayskull for the power of mobility? I think so.

We discovered that Scarlett is a penny pincher...just like Dad! (I'm gonna be in trouble.)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

a Sunday with Frank

Today while Joe was off on a freelancing expedition Scarlett and I hung around listening to old blue eyes and playing around with my camera. We sung along to some of Sinatra's greatest hits like "Cry Me to the Moon" and "The Baby is a Tramp." I also found a really cool feature on my camera which resulted in pictures such as these...

There is nothing special about this picture...outside of the fact that Scarlett is using a sippy cup by herself.

Then Joe came home and Scarlett had a wicked case of the giggles.

That's it. That was our day.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

First time in a high chair

Scarlett used her highchair!! She was a lot neater than I had thought she would be. Don't get me wrong...she still required a hosing down afterwards - but she did very well.

puppet show at the Peabody

Carson and Scarlett had playdate #2 today. We went to the Peabody museum to see a puppet show. The date was cut short because the weather was so bad...but we hope to do it again soon! My camera died before the puppet show actually started so unfortunately you won't see any pictures of Roxy - the one armed time travelling fox puppet...but we did get to see some dinosaur bones. Who am I kidding? guys just want to see these adorable babies!!I got to steal Carson for a second!
Esther the elephant's Great Great Great Grandfather

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scarlett's night as a pumpkin

We were fully prepared for trick or treaters last night (just so you all know) but alas, none arrived. We decided to just hang out as pumpkin baby instead. Here are some photos... Scarlett can hold her own this kid amazing, or what?