Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scarlett's Hips Don't Lie

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Suzanne and Steve's wedding

This past weekend, we went to Maine for Joe's cousin Suzanne's wedding. While we were only there for one night, it was a really, really great one night. Here are the kids all dolled up...

 And Joe with the kids right after the beautiful ceremony at the beach.
The reception was AWESOME. We all had so much fun.
Here's a picture of Scarlett trying to catch the bouquet (look out, Carson)...
 She did not catch it, but the woman who did kindly gave it to Scarlett anyway.
 Holden rocked the dance floor. Here he is thinking he's leading Cotton Eyed Joe.
 And, well, this picture kind of speaks for itself.
Here's Scarlett dancing with cousin Michelle...
And Holden stealing accessories.
 And Scarlett walking around in my heels far, far better than I can even walk around in them.
 And then, there's this.
(They're available for parties...for a minimal fee.)
 Congratulations Suzanne and Steve! We had a fantastic time! And don't think we won't be taking you up on that offer to come visit you guys in Maine (and when I say "offer" I mean how I totally invited us to come visit you in Maine) We'll let you get settled in after the honeymoon. But call me the following week...K?  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Canada - 2011

Man...have we got some catching up to do. This has been, hands down, the craziest summer. Ever. At the end of July we went to Canada. It was such a fantastic trip and I got all home-sick, as always. Scarlett has talked about the trip non-stop and already wants to go back. Like now. I'm going to let the pictures do the talking - cause there's a lot of them. (Unfortunately, we got no pictures of Scarlett and Holden's Great Grandparents when we visited with them. But just know, we had a fantastic visit that involved presents, Swiss Chalet chicken, and a giant fish tank.)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The kid wants to color.

Holden is a pretty quiet kid...especially when compared to his sister. Even at 2, he doesn't talk a whole lot. I think it's because, honestly, even if he tries to talk he can't fit a word in around Scarlett. (Heck...I can't even fit a word in around Scarlett.) And he never really has to talk because Scarlett does a lot of the talking for him - if she wants juice or a snack, he gets juice or a snack too. And if he does try to communicate and isn't successful, he'll get frustrated any normal 2 year old. But last night Holden and I had a really nice moment and what better a place to share it than right here.

The kids will often sit at the dining room table and color or play with's their artsy-project place. Scarlett was already there playing with some paper dolls when Holden came running up to me. He had a confused look on his face, but he slowly and calmly said "MORE CAYNS." I had no clue what the poor kid was asking for. Joe chimes in - "more kiss?" Holden patiently shook his head no. "Do you want to play a game?" I asked. Holden patiently shook his head no. He repeated slowly..."MORE CAYNS"...Then I had it. "Crayons? Do you want to color?" And Holden's little face lit up. "Color!" he beamed. He was obviously proud of himself for getting his point across. And I was proud that he remained so patient and asked to do something independently of Scarlett. And so I gave him some crayons and a coloring book, and he colored his little heart out with a huge smile on his face.