Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Suzanne and Steve's wedding

This past weekend, we went to Maine for Joe's cousin Suzanne's wedding. While we were only there for one night, it was a really, really great one night. Here are the kids all dolled up...

 And Joe with the kids right after the beautiful ceremony at the beach.
The reception was AWESOME. We all had so much fun.
Here's a picture of Scarlett trying to catch the bouquet (look out, Carson)...
 She did not catch it, but the woman who did kindly gave it to Scarlett anyway.
 Holden rocked the dance floor. Here he is thinking he's leading Cotton Eyed Joe.
 And, well, this picture kind of speaks for itself.
Here's Scarlett dancing with cousin Michelle...
And Holden stealing accessories.
 And Scarlett walking around in my heels far, far better than I can even walk around in them.
 And then, there's this.
(They're available for parties...for a minimal fee.)
 Congratulations Suzanne and Steve! We had a fantastic time! And don't think we won't be taking you up on that offer to come visit you guys in Maine (and when I say "offer" I mean how I totally invited us to come visit you in Maine) We'll let you get settled in after the honeymoon. But call me the following week...K?