Monday, July 11, 2011

Booga Booga Booga BOOO!

We've got a new thing in our house. When Boog is on a roll with something (i.e. dancing, spinning, running, etc.) We shout "Booga Booga Booga BOOO!" and on the "BOOO!" we raise our arm up like a super hero taking off. (Holden added that last part all by himself.)
 See...our Boog is quite the little character and this chant, for some reason, just fits him perfectly.
So we do it...a lot.
              And without fail, like Holden, the chant always makes us smile.
Booga Booga Booga BOOOOOOOO!

Garbage Museum with Uncle Jonathan

Uncle Jonathan came down for a visit recently so we brought him to the Garbage Museum in Stratford. We had never been before and, let me tell you, the kids LOVED it. We were immediately greeted by a giant dinosaur made from trash.
 Scarlett and Holden ran around investigating everything.
 There was a little play store there that Scarlett didn't want to leave.
 And a mini garbage center.
 And then....AND THEN...we saw real live trucks handle garbage.
 Holden couldn't contain his excitement.
"GARBAGE TRUCKS!! (bumble gum tum blah blah) COOL!! (blah humbug humble bug blah bumble) COOL. Garbage trucks. COOL! Bye! Buh-bye, truck. Uh-Oh!"
 He grabbed Uncle Jonathan and the boys looked at trucks...
 while the girls did this.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Well...good morning!

Hard not to smile when your day starts with Froggie boots and Puppy.