Sunday, February 24, 2008

A walk in the park...or to the park.

These pictures are actually from last weekend. It was a bit chilly, but we decided to walk Scarlett and Link to the little park right down the street from us. Scarlett went on the swings. She has been on them before when, of course, I did not have my camera. Her previous encounter with this particular piece of playground equipment was a lot more entertaining. I guess now she considers herself a professional and tries to play it cool.

We then went home and Scarlett proclaimed that she is, in fact, a Yankees fan. Joe was very proud.

Monday, February 18, 2008

9 months old!

Today is Scarlett's 9 month birthday. In celebration, we went to get her photos taken at good ol' Kiddie I know how to celebrate. Here they are...Can you believe how big she has gotten? It seems like just yesterday that she looked like this...
or this... little girl. Happy birthday, Scarlett.


Scarlett and Carson got to attend Open Play at the Hamden Gymboree today. They are really very fortunate because as Gymboree policy reads - infants must be enrolled in a class to participate in Open Play. It's like some secret infant society where the walls are padded in complementary colors and Raffi is on repeat. Val and I listened to a little sales pitcheroo - not dissimilar from someone selling a time share - and then it was all play. Observe...

They really do like each other a lot! It's not just Val and I imagining it. If Scarlett realizes that Carson is not next to her - she goes looking for him. Ah, to be young and in love!Can you blame her for being smitten by Carson's baby blues?! He is one good looking baby.Scarlett turned 9 months today and so Carson and Val bought her this adorable stuffed cat from Gymboree (isn't that so sweet?!). Scarlett named it Nah-nah. I decided we could let that name stick. She loves this cat. She did nothing but cuddle with it (and drool on it) for the rest of the day. She and Nah-nah slept like rocks for over an hour...and this baby never naps. Ever.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scarlett telling Link who's boss

Hey Link...stop sniffing my toys. "Who you tryin' to get crazy with, essay?...Don't you know I'm loco?" Come on. Do you see these bows in my hair?

Hair clippies!!!

One clip...

Two clip... Red clip, blue clip...
Uh oh...Uhhh, mom...
hee hee hee....AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!..... Scarlett's got hair. Hence, hair clippies. I may have gotten carried away. In my defense, this is Scarlett's first "hair accessory" experience. What can I say...I got drunk with power...or clippies. Yes...drunk with clippies. Now that's one for the baby book.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I believe this is what they call "cruising"...

Scarlett loves remote controls. We actually took the batteries out of an old remote so she could have her own remote control - so it comes as no surprise to me that a remote control would initiate Scarlett's interest in walking. But really...already? I'm still a nervous wreck about the crawling! Oh...and please notice the overly dramatic extension of her right leg as she "cruises" along. How adorably hilarious?!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Like a fish!

Her first dip in a chlorinated lagoon turned out to be quite successful. It started out as an extra pleasant experience for Joe and I because the front desk attendant waived the $17 family "open swim" fee due the the fact that Scarlett is taking swim lessons there at the end of the month. Swimming is fun, but free swimming is even more fun. Here is a clip of Scarlett first getting into the (freezing cold) pool.

"Wow dad...that's cold!"
Warming up to the idea.

We decided it was time to go home about 30 minutes into the swim because Scarlett's lips turned blue - but other than that, she really seems to like swimming. There was far more splashing and laughing, a little choking, some dunking, and one near-puking experience off camera - but alas, it became slightly annoying to run and retrieve my camera every few minutes. I must have had "new parent" written across my forehead for this family outing. Honestly, who brings a camera into a YMCA pool?!

Monday, February 4, 2008

On the catwalk...

...on the catwalk, yeah...she shakes her diapered bum on the catwalk. In anticipation of her upcoming swim lessons...and because her boyfriend, Carson, looks utterly dashing in his swim trunks ( I decided to play dress up with Scarlett and her bathing suits. She has three...all of which were purchased last September in anticipation of this summer. Thank goodness we are doing swim lessons because none of them will fit this summer. giant baby. We only made it through two of the three swimsuits. I thought it was difficult getting myself into a swimsuit but whew...this was hard. Carson and Scarlett will be taking swim lessons together - after the swim lessons, Carson's mom and I will be peeling a skin tight wet swim suit off of a squirmy nine month old Scarlett together. Scarlett's first runway appearance. She really tries to pry herself away from her toys, but those toys are persistent. Hollywood here we come!

Yeah Patriots!!

Yesterday was the Super Bowl. We had some friends come over and watch the big game. Scarlett did a very good job cheering for the Patriots. In fact, the only reason they lost is because I changed Scarlett out of her cheerleading uniform and put her into feetie pajamas. It was all downhill from there. Sorry Tom Brady...I know it was the biggest upset in Super Bowl history...I'll take full responsibility. Regardless, Scarlett looked adorable. How can anyone be upset about losing the Super Bowl when their fans are this cute. Scarlett's half-time routine was phenomenal. She had been practicing for months! It was 100% wardrobe malfunction free. Her and Tom Petty work really well together, don't you think? I hope the critics are kind...she really takes what they say to heart.