Sunday, February 10, 2008

Like a fish!

Her first dip in a chlorinated lagoon turned out to be quite successful. It started out as an extra pleasant experience for Joe and I because the front desk attendant waived the $17 family "open swim" fee due the the fact that Scarlett is taking swim lessons there at the end of the month. Swimming is fun, but free swimming is even more fun. Here is a clip of Scarlett first getting into the (freezing cold) pool.

"Wow dad...that's cold!"
Warming up to the idea.

We decided it was time to go home about 30 minutes into the swim because Scarlett's lips turned blue - but other than that, she really seems to like swimming. There was far more splashing and laughing, a little choking, some dunking, and one near-puking experience off camera - but alas, it became slightly annoying to run and retrieve my camera every few minutes. I must have had "new parent" written across my forehead for this family outing. Honestly, who brings a camera into a YMCA pool?!


Pokolodi said...

Who brings their camera to the YMCA pool?...I do! Or at least I will in a couple of weeks.

We should have gone! I was a little nervous about getting Carson in the pool without a infant swimming teacher telling me how. :) Scarlett is super-baby. She clearly didn't need a professional infant swimming teacher showing her the way!

I'm so excited!