Monday, February 4, 2008

Yeah Patriots!!

Yesterday was the Super Bowl. We had some friends come over and watch the big game. Scarlett did a very good job cheering for the Patriots. In fact, the only reason they lost is because I changed Scarlett out of her cheerleading uniform and put her into feetie pajamas. It was all downhill from there. Sorry Tom Brady...I know it was the biggest upset in Super Bowl history...I'll take full responsibility. Regardless, Scarlett looked adorable. How can anyone be upset about losing the Super Bowl when their fans are this cute. Scarlett's half-time routine was phenomenal. She had been practicing for months! It was 100% wardrobe malfunction free. Her and Tom Petty work really well together, don't you think? I hope the critics are kind...she really takes what they say to heart.


Pokolodi said...

First of all, that is reason alone to have a girl! A baby cheerleading outfit? How cute is that?

Second, I think that Scarlett's daddy is living his own halftime routine dream through his little girl. He seems to have worked pretty hard on that choreography.

Lastly, how rude were Scarlett's spectators? I mean, I know people go to watch the game and not the halftime show, but they could have been a little more respectful. I could barely hear her "khaa" breathing over their constant chatter! Sheez!