Monday, February 11, 2008

I believe this is what they call "cruising"...

Scarlett loves remote controls. We actually took the batteries out of an old remote so she could have her own remote control - so it comes as no surprise to me that a remote control would initiate Scarlett's interest in walking. But really...already? I'm still a nervous wreck about the crawling! Oh...and please notice the overly dramatic extension of her right leg as she "cruises" along. How adorably hilarious?!


Pokolodi said...

Baby, let's cruise...away from heeeeereeeee...
I just had to throw a little Smokey in there for Scarlett's new soundtrack.
Oh my gosh! Yep--that's cruising alright. I don't think you really need to worry until she starts moving from one piece of furniture to another...thank goodness.
Just when Poki thinks he's caught up to her crawling, she moves on to another sport!
I love that you asked if she didn't want the remote took it away from her! Duh, Mom! I do the same thing with Poki. Man, do they get mad when we do that!
Yay, Scarlett! She truly is a super-baby!