Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lions and tigers and bears...and a very large cow, oh my!

Today we went to the Beardsley Zoo. It was a special Halloween "Boo at the Zoo" celebration - as if I needed any more reason to put Scarlett into a costume! The best part of the day was the fact that we had good company. Yes folks, the much anticipated first meeting of Scarlett and Carson has occured. Let the love affair begin! Oh yeah, Carson brought along his parents too - Val and Andrei. We all wandered aimlessly through the zoo chit chatting away, and occassionally remembering to look at an animal or two. Every family needs a picture standing in front of an annoyingly large and random cow.

Lions and tigers and mommies, oh my! (I will stop using this joke now - I promise)

The Dads

Back off ladies - he's mine. I'm just going to hold on to him so you all know that.

Could they be any cuter?!

Alright Alligator - I said I'm the king of the jungle. If this glass wasn't holding me back I'd come in there and show you a thing or two.

There she is folks - my cheeky baby

Their wedding is set for June 2027.

An utterly love-struck Scarlett.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Scarlett and the attack of the inevitable nap

Here is a video of Scarlett attempting to fight off a nap in her bouncy chair...she lost miserably.

Here is a video of Scarlett giggling at her Baby Einstein DVD.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Five months...and cheekier than ever!

Scarlett turned 5 months! That's really close to a half of a year, which is really close to a year, which is really close to old. She is so much fun right now! She will play with her toys by her self for quite some time - usually just enough time for me to get half way through something - and then she wants attention again. She loves Link (our dog). She is gabbing up a storm, too. Now if I only knew what she was saying!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A day in the life

She woke up...fell out of bed. Dragged a comb across her head - well, I made that last part up. Today we had a relaxing day of cereal, baths, and play.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

'Dem blues...

Baby blue eyes...she's still got 'em!

Monday, October 8, 2007

A Cueto family get-together

We went to Aunt Sue and Uncle Joe's this weekend and everybody was there...including Scarlett's Great Grandpa Joe! Everyone got a chance to hold her, which is surprising because Grandma never wants to let her go. But, who can blame her! :) I mean...just look at that baby!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Oh...and we tried solids again. Carrots this time. There was more dry heaving than I had anticipated.

Jones Tree Farm

We had our first trip to a pumpkin patch this weekend. I would typically associate pumpkin hunting with fall weather - but it was so hot. We didn't stay too long because Scarlett didn't have sunscreen on. We did see corn, and pumpkins, a (very possibly rabid) turkey, and we ate hay. Quite a day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

She's an angel...

Scarlett got baptized last week and she was so amazingly well behaved. There was a brief moment where she looked at our pastor as if to say "really...we're going to go there?" - but she did so well. I was such a proud mother to hear all the congregation adoringly sigh as our pastor walked her around the crowds to introduce her. We had a party afterwards at the condo and I don't think I had the chance to hold my daughter once - there was a waiting list full of people who wanted a chance to hold her! She certainly slept well that night!