Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lions and tigers and bears...and a very large cow, oh my!

Today we went to the Beardsley Zoo. It was a special Halloween "Boo at the Zoo" celebration - as if I needed any more reason to put Scarlett into a costume! The best part of the day was the fact that we had good company. Yes folks, the much anticipated first meeting of Scarlett and Carson has occured. Let the love affair begin! Oh yeah, Carson brought along his parents too - Val and Andrei. We all wandered aimlessly through the zoo chit chatting away, and occassionally remembering to look at an animal or two. Every family needs a picture standing in front of an annoyingly large and random cow.

Lions and tigers and mommies, oh my! (I will stop using this joke now - I promise)

The Dads

Back off ladies - he's mine. I'm just going to hold on to him so you all know that.

Could they be any cuter?!

Alright Alligator - I said I'm the king of the jungle. If this glass wasn't holding me back I'd come in there and show you a thing or two.

There she is folks - my cheeky baby

Their wedding is set for June 2027.

An utterly love-struck Scarlett.


Pokolodi said...

My dad says I should follow a three day rule (whatever that is), but I wanted to write right away to tell you what a nice time I had on our date. And I was wondering if I could escort you to the puppet show on Saturday? I'd get you a corsage, but I'm afraid you'll eat it.
'Til then, my love...

mr. tweeds said...

mr. finn is intensely jealous that scarlett is seeing another man.i spoke to him about it adn he has since come to terms with the fact that long distance relationships so rarely work out, but still, does she have to be so darn cute?