Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas - 2009

We had such a wonderful Christmas! I think it was the combination of Scarlett getting the whole Santa thing for the first time this year, and, of course, it being Holden's first Christmas ever - we just really enjoyed spending this time together as a family.
We started our celebrating a bit early by going to see New Haven's Festival of Lights with Carson and his family. We all packed into the mini-van. It was pouring outside while we were driving through, but that didn't prevent us from enjoying it. Scarlett was in absolute heaven. She yelled out at almost every light display we drove by.She was excited to see dinosaurs, but when asked what KIND of dinosaurs they were, she replied "the blue and green kind." We saw lobsters...
and SANTA!!!!and Val and I caught Scarlett and Carson holding hands. (They did this completely by themselves. I know. Cute.)
Then...Scarlett got a letter from Santa in the mail. I think her face says it all. Then...we went for a Santa trolley ride at the East Haven Trolley Museum. It was freezing outside, but really, really fun. Scarlett was really excited to see Santa. This came as a huge relief after last year's Santa incident. See...she sat on his lap and everything. Of course, it was impossible to get a good picture of the two kids together, but she was completely thrilled to be sitting on his lap. I promise. And Holden is such a happy baby he smiles if you blink at him. Holden was quite happy to be on the trolley. He kept looking out the window and then looking back at me to make sure I was looking too.
Then...we got snow. A lot of snow.
Scarlett helped Joe shovel it all.Then...we got ready to go to church for the Christmas Eve candlelit service.The kids were so well behaved. Scarlett danced in the aisles during the Christmas music and twirled so that her "princess girl dress" would float up. Strangers were taking pictures of her. It was quite cute. (If I do say so myself.) Then...Joe gave the kids their special Christmas Eve jammies. He picks them out by himself every year. He was so proud of himself that he found matching polar bear pajamas for them. Then he asked me to quickly take a picture because the kids are heavy. Really, really, heavy. Then...CHRISTMAS!!

Holden got stuff to drive...
and books to read about stuff that drives...
and more stuff to drive...
and stuff to bang...He loved it!Scarlett got a princess girl ball... a princess girl phone...a princess girl cup...which she had to use immediately...and wouldn't let anyone else look at.Scarlett got a princess girl CD player...which she immediately had to dance to...and princess girl instruments...which she immediately had to play...and boy. Did she play them.

Oh. And she got Candyland to create a tiny little bit of variety.Then...we went to Joe's Aunt Darla and Uncle Mike's house, where I somehow missed taking any pictures whatsoever despite the fact that they got Scarlett a Cinderella doll toy and a beautiful Tinker Bell book that she absolutely loves. Holden got a great big truck toy that comes with 3 smaller cars that all park in the big truck = awesomeness. Holden is quite thankful for all these trucks and cars. I think he might have been getting a bit nervous about all the potential "princess girl" hand-me-downs.
Then we went to Nan's to open presents, TONS of wonderful presents, including a family trip to Boston and a KidCity museum membership from my Aunt Jane.Scarlett got the princess girl shoes she's wanted for a very long time. She wore them so much in the days that followed that she was complaining that her toes hurt.And Nan found Yo Gabba Gabba Colorforms for Scarlett. Yes. The same Colorforms that we used to play with way back in the day.
We had such a wonderful Christmas with the kids.
They seemed to enjoy it quite a bit too. Happy holidays everyone! See you in 2010!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!