Thursday, December 10, 2009

A potty training update

Scarlett is kicking butt in the potty training department.

Because she had to be in diapers at daycare we were keeping her in diapers at home too to remain consistent. Well...we weren't getting anywhere. When we got home we were bringing her to the potty every hour AND SHE WOULD PEE EVERY TIME...but when we took her diaper off to go potty - it was wet (which obviously means she was still peeing in her diaper too in between the potty trips).
We figured it would be one of two things. Either Scarlett was not yet able to hold her pee, or Miss Smarty Pants knew she had a diaper on and was making complete and total use of it. Turns out, it was the latter.

Having gotten completely frustrated, we decided to lose the diapers at home and have had complete and total success. It's amazing. If we're at home, she's diaperless. We had a couple of accidents initially, but not for about a week now and we've gotten to the point where she is telling us when she has to go...or grabbing at her crotch which makes it pretty obvious to us that she has to go. She has even done "the big business" the past 2 mornings. We haven't gotten brave enough to leave the house diaperless yet. And she still has to wear diapers at daycare until they give us the "thumbs up" to lose them, but she is doing so very well!

And thank you to all the family members who have gotten calls from Scarlett screaming into the phone "I DID POOPIES IN THE POTTY!!!" I know those can't be easy phone calls to get, especially at 6:15 am.

Yay Bubs!


Kate said...

consider me JEALOUS! potty training with scout was so hideous i STILL have nightmares...and bug, of course, is not interested in the least.


Pokolodi said...

Woo-Hoo!!!!! Yay Scarlett! I'm jealous too! Carson was rocking the potty back in June, but hasn't shown a lick of interest since we forgot to bring the potty to the beach with us in July. I'm hoping Granny will work her magic and get him trained while we are in TN for Christmas.

Nan said...

I can't think of anything better than getting a phone call from Scarlett, at 6:15 AM or any other time. Especially with news like "I did poopies in the potty!"