Monday, December 7, 2009

Tree Lighting on the New Haven Green - 2009

On Thursday night we went to the tree lighting on the New Haven Green with Nan. We've gone every year of Scarlett's existence. See...2007 2008
Obviously, this year we had Munch with us too. He was warmly bundled in his new winter jacket from the Greats. Scarlett was very excited this year. I let her pick out her own hat AND her own shoes to wear to the event. She was also allowed to eat the red frosted Oreos that our church had out. 3 of them even. And I didn't immediately wipe the chocolate evidence off of her face. Observe...Here are Scarlett and Nan waiting for the countdown.
And here they are counting down. (Kind of.) Ta da!!

We got a little closer for some pictures. And then Scarlett and Nan walked down the paths of the Green that were lit with luminary candles. Scarlett claimed that they were walking down the path to Sleeping Beauty's castle. And, in fact, if you ask her where we went that night she will proudly tell you that we walked to Sleeping Beauty's castle - which, admittedly, throws some people off...but hey...the kid digs princesses. And Santa hats. And, apparently, luminary candles.


Pokolodi said...

Yay! I wish that I could go just once, but alas! I'm always teaching on Thursdays.

Where did you find the Santa hat? Carson has been asking for one so he can look like Bagel (Santa's elf).