Monday, October 1, 2012

First day of school!!

Scarlett and Holden had their first day of school! (ahem...last month. I know, I know. I'm trying to catch up.) Scarlett headed off to Kindergarten (can you believe it?!), and Holden started attending Side by Side's preschool. Here they are, very excited, before we left in the morning.
Holden was very excited to get a new backpack, just like Scarlett's.
And Scarlett was very excited to help Holden.
 Here she is explaining everything to him. (It was, quite possibly, the cutest thing I've ever experienced as a mother.)
  Such peanuts!
 Holden took his teacher's hand and walked right off with her - no hesitation.
 And Scarlett picked right back up where she left off - being surrounded by little girls who are all trying to talk at the same time.
 When I picked him up, Holden told me he had a fantastic time.
 A very fantastic time.
A very, VERY fantastic time. (He slept for 2 hours.)
 Yay school!