Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Easter Bunny is coming!!

While Scarlett likes the idea of the Easter Bunny, she does not want to go near him. Not at all. She doesn't want to look at him, and he should most certainly not look at her. But she will, with no hesitation, eat his candy and partake in his hunts...as long as he's not there...looking at her...with his Bunny eyes.
This past weekend we did a couple Bunny events...minus the Bunny. North Haven had an Easter Eggstravaganza. There were juice boxes and cookies and face painting...

see... and there was this guy who blew bubbles.
And while Scarlett's initial reaction was amazement...she quickly lost interest when the guy started explaining HOW to make these bubbles. We went outside to play.And to look at our giant bag of chocolate eggs we got for attending said Eggstravaganza. We spent the next 2 hours eating chocolate and bouncing off the walls more literally than I wish. On Sunday we went to church for another egg hunt and a Palm Sunday service.
Scarlett was ready to go go go.
We collected quite a stash...and then played.
Then we went inside with Carson to listen to a story...(just like the year before. And even the year before that.)
eat sweets...and bounce off the walls, again, more literally than I wish.We regained composure just in time for the palm fronds march.In which we did a superb job.
Yay fun weekend! Check back next week for pictures of Easter.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Say my name!

Last night the whole family was hanging out. We were all within about 5 feet of each other but we were each just kind of doing our own thing. (Those things involving but not limited to: princesses and trouble, the computer and ESPN.)

Holden started babbling "da da da da da da." I knelt down next to him. I started quietly saying "mama mama" in an attempt to get Holden to copy me. Joe saw this and so he knelt down next to Holden too. He started quietly saying "dada dada" in an attempt to steal my thunder, or, ahem, in an attempt to get Holden to copy him.

Goose stopped with the princesses. She watched us - obviously trying to figure out what, exactly, we were doing. She came to some conclusion. She walked over and knelt down right next to Holden. She put her face right up to his. She yelled - "SCARLETT!" - and then just walked away. And while Holden did not say any of our names, Scarlett still totally managed to win.

It's all about the delivery.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Holden turns 10 months

Man I'm late posting about this. Holden turned 10 months!! Like 10 days ago!! Can you believe it?! I totally can't.
Holden is nuts. I don't know when it happened, but he gets into everything. EVERYTHING. In fact, two minutes ago I got in trouble for not watching Holden who is currently holding the weather stripping to our front door in his hands - having, obviously, ripped it right off. Yep. He's a Freshy McFreshster. Scarlett never touched anything. Holden touches everything. Now he's hanging onto the vacuum cleaner as Joe is prepping to vacuum the house. (Yes. I'm blogging and Joe is vacuuming.) Scarlett and Holden have gotten into two fights so far. They involved bananas. Both times. Other than that, they get along well. Scarlett tells on Holden quite a bit, but this has proved to be a good thing. Because of her "tattling" I have pulled a penny and a Barbie shoe out of Holden's mouth, and caught him just before he rolled down the stairs. Tattle away Goose. Tattle away.
Holden and Gwen (Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dan's daughter) have got to hang out a couple of times recently. They love each other. They do. They just might not know it yet. Holden looks more boy-like and less baby blob-like everyday. We put him in shorts and a hat recently and I almost cried at how cute he looked. And seriously. Check out this grin. He recently acquired a dimple on his left cheek. We don't know where it came from, but hey, we'll take it. He still has no teeth. Holden takes wagon rides seriously. VERY seriously. Driving too. And he takes eating to a whole new level. A messy level that is foreign territory to Joe and I. Scarlett was neat. Holden is yuck. And our tubby monkafuss might be trimming down in the near future. Yes folks, he crawls. It took him 10 months exactly to figure it out, but now he does it quite well. This, of course, only contributes to his mischiefing.

Mischiefing that has happened in the short time that I was writing this post? Observe:

Oh Munch.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scarlett 1, mom 0

In an attempt to get Scarlett to finish her dinner last night, I followed her into the living room with her dinner plate in my hands. I asked her to take 4 more bites before she could be done. She stood on the armchair while receiving bite one, bite two, and bite three. When she took the fourth bite, she suddenly decided to jump on the armchair which immediately caused her to choke. Here is the conversation that followed.

Mommy (flustered) – See! That is why we don’t jump on furniture!
Scarlett (coughing and regaining composure) – Why?
Mommy – Because. You can choke. You just did!
Scarlett – No. I choked because that bite was too big. You cut that bite too big.
Mommy – No, Scarlett, you choked because you jumped on the couch when you had food in your mouth.
Scarlett – This (points to armchair that she is standing on) is not a couch. That (points to couch) is a couch. I didn’t jump on the couch.
Mommy – [speechless]
Scarlett – …that bite was too big.

Yes, folks. I was outwitted by my almost 3 year old. And she totally won.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here's to hoping...

We've been scarce on the blogging front lately. We've been pretty busy. Here's why.
Joe and I have desperately wanted to move for about 2 years now. We tried when Scarlett was about 6 months. No luck. We tried again when Scarlett was about 15 months. No luck. We gave up on the idea that we were going to make any money on our condo and saved up our own wee sum to use as a down payment and then listed our condo again, much lower = this equals some luck.
We may be moving folks. Joe and I have gotten an acceptable offer on our condo. We've also made an offer on a house in Milford, CT. This offer was accepted by the sellers. I want to say that this means we will definitely be moving, but there are roughly 45 days where anything can go wrong. If we were to move in 45 days, it would be here:A quaint little colonial in a woodsy, secluded-yet-close-to-everything section of Milford. The town boasts low taxes and wonderful schools and I would love to raise Bubs and Munch here. So...in these next 45 days, please keep your fingers crossed that this works out for us. We've been waiting for this for quite some time.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome Raleigh!

If you're an avid reader of this blog, then you will certainly know Carson, and his parents, Val and Andrei. They are wonderful friends of ours, and they have just welcomed a new baby into their family! Welcome Raleigh Thomas! To read all about Raleigh and his arrival, click here.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Beautiful Day (A Tale in Pictures)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Brycen's 1st birthday!

Last Sunday we went to Brycen's 1st birthday party. Brycen is in Holden's class at daycare. Oh man. Did Holden have fun. Like more fun than I would have thought humanly possible - or babyly possible. The party was at My Gym in Orange. Brycen's parents rented out the whole place and there were babies and kids EVERYWHERE. Holden was in heaven.
And while he doesn't yet crawl, I felt like I was chasing him around everywhere! We kept going from spot to spot...Holden just laughed and laughed. They did circle time where we all sat in a circle (duh) and sang songs. Holden clapped and squealed through the whole thing. Did I say he had fun? Cause he totally did.

Here's a picture of Gio, Brycen and Holden playing - outside of daycare for once! And here's a picture of Gio and Holden. Gio gets dropped off at school at the same time as Holden (6:30 am...sigh) so they are with each other all day Monday-Friday. And it shows. They are best buds! They wrestle and laugh, and wrestle and giggle, clap, and...did I say wrestle?Yeah...Gio is pretty awesome. Look at this Munch!Holden even got to try the zip line! Yeah...it rocked. And zipped.There was a trampoline...And Holden had his first bubbles experience.Holden had fun. Like tons of fun. He had fun like he hadn't known what fun was before this party. (And I left there feeling pretty crappy that we've never done anything like this with him before.) I gotta get this poor kid out more. He's so used to tagging along to Scarlett events and this was the first real Holden event - and he absolutely loved it.