Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Holden turns 10 months

Man I'm late posting about this. Holden turned 10 months!! Like 10 days ago!! Can you believe it?! I totally can't.
Holden is nuts. I don't know when it happened, but he gets into everything. EVERYTHING. In fact, two minutes ago I got in trouble for not watching Holden who is currently holding the weather stripping to our front door in his hands - having, obviously, ripped it right off. Yep. He's a Freshy McFreshster. Scarlett never touched anything. Holden touches everything. Now he's hanging onto the vacuum cleaner as Joe is prepping to vacuum the house. (Yes. I'm blogging and Joe is vacuuming.) Scarlett and Holden have gotten into two fights so far. They involved bananas. Both times. Other than that, they get along well. Scarlett tells on Holden quite a bit, but this has proved to be a good thing. Because of her "tattling" I have pulled a penny and a Barbie shoe out of Holden's mouth, and caught him just before he rolled down the stairs. Tattle away Goose. Tattle away.
Holden and Gwen (Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dan's daughter) have got to hang out a couple of times recently. They love each other. They do. They just might not know it yet. Holden looks more boy-like and less baby blob-like everyday. We put him in shorts and a hat recently and I almost cried at how cute he looked. And seriously. Check out this grin. He recently acquired a dimple on his left cheek. We don't know where it came from, but hey, we'll take it. He still has no teeth. Holden takes wagon rides seriously. VERY seriously. Driving too. And he takes eating to a whole new level. A messy level that is foreign territory to Joe and I. Scarlett was neat. Holden is yuck. And our tubby monkafuss might be trimming down in the near future. Yes folks, he crawls. It took him 10 months exactly to figure it out, but now he does it quite well. This, of course, only contributes to his mischiefing.

Mischiefing that has happened in the short time that I was writing this post? Observe:

Oh Munch.


The Duarte Family said...

Too cute! I can't believe how big he is getting! Well hopefully Holden and Scarlett won't get in cahoots together and go in opposite directions now that he is on the move. They grow up so fast.

Kate said...

oh, i wished we lived closer to you guys (or vice versa)! holden reminds me so much of what bug used to be like...i want to squeeze him! scarlett and molly can dress up like princesses and then finn can teach holden how awesome getting into trouble is once you can WALK to it!

happy 10 months, holden!

Pokolodi said...

I know I shouldn't, but I am totally laughing. You have a Carson! You have a messy, curious, get into everything, pain-in-the-butt boy!!! HAHAHAHA!

I think since I christened him "Munch" that I should be allowed to give him a new nickname: Trouble. Through this whole post, I was singing to myself: "You looking for trouble? Da da dada dum. Well you came to the right place..."