Friday, March 5, 2010

Brycen's 1st birthday!

Last Sunday we went to Brycen's 1st birthday party. Brycen is in Holden's class at daycare. Oh man. Did Holden have fun. Like more fun than I would have thought humanly possible - or babyly possible. The party was at My Gym in Orange. Brycen's parents rented out the whole place and there were babies and kids EVERYWHERE. Holden was in heaven.
And while he doesn't yet crawl, I felt like I was chasing him around everywhere! We kept going from spot to spot...Holden just laughed and laughed. They did circle time where we all sat in a circle (duh) and sang songs. Holden clapped and squealed through the whole thing. Did I say he had fun? Cause he totally did.

Here's a picture of Gio, Brycen and Holden playing - outside of daycare for once! And here's a picture of Gio and Holden. Gio gets dropped off at school at the same time as Holden (6:30 am...sigh) so they are with each other all day Monday-Friday. And it shows. They are best buds! They wrestle and laugh, and wrestle and giggle, clap, and...did I say wrestle?Yeah...Gio is pretty awesome. Look at this Munch!Holden even got to try the zip line! rocked. And zipped.There was a trampoline...And Holden had his first bubbles experience.Holden had fun. Like tons of fun. He had fun like he hadn't known what fun was before this party. (And I left there feeling pretty crappy that we've never done anything like this with him before.) I gotta get this poor kid out more. He's so used to tagging along to Scarlett events and this was the first real Holden event - and he absolutely loved it.