Friday, March 26, 2010

Say my name!

Last night the whole family was hanging out. We were all within about 5 feet of each other but we were each just kind of doing our own thing. (Those things involving but not limited to: princesses and trouble, the computer and ESPN.)

Holden started babbling "da da da da da da." I knelt down next to him. I started quietly saying "mama mama" in an attempt to get Holden to copy me. Joe saw this and so he knelt down next to Holden too. He started quietly saying "dada dada" in an attempt to steal my thunder, or, ahem, in an attempt to get Holden to copy him.

Goose stopped with the princesses. She watched us - obviously trying to figure out what, exactly, we were doing. She came to some conclusion. She walked over and knelt down right next to Holden. She put her face right up to his. She yelled - "SCARLETT!" - and then just walked away. And while Holden did not say any of our names, Scarlett still totally managed to win.

It's all about the delivery.


Pokolodi said...

THIS is why you should have the dang video camera super-glued to your hand.