Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scarlett 1, mom 0

In an attempt to get Scarlett to finish her dinner last night, I followed her into the living room with her dinner plate in my hands. I asked her to take 4 more bites before she could be done. She stood on the armchair while receiving bite one, bite two, and bite three. When she took the fourth bite, she suddenly decided to jump on the armchair which immediately caused her to choke. Here is the conversation that followed.

Mommy (flustered) – See! That is why we don’t jump on furniture!
Scarlett (coughing and regaining composure) – Why?
Mommy – Because. You can choke. You just did!
Scarlett – No. I choked because that bite was too big. You cut that bite too big.
Mommy – No, Scarlett, you choked because you jumped on the couch when you had food in your mouth.
Scarlett – This (points to armchair that she is standing on) is not a couch. That (points to couch) is a couch. I didn’t jump on the couch.
Mommy – [speechless]
Scarlett – …that bite was too big.

Yes, folks. I was outwitted by my almost 3 year old. And she totally won.


Kate said...

oh, are in trouble (and i speak from experience)!