Sunday, April 5, 2009

A weekend FULL of Easter egg hunts

Oh man did we have fun this weekend. Every time we turned around there was an Easter egg hunt there waiting for us. Scarlett and Carson were pro hunters by Sunday.
Saturday morning, we went to an egg hunt on the New Haven Green. Well...I guess it was more of a candy hunt since there were no eggs involved. Actually, it was more of a candy scramble because there was no hunting involved. Who am I kidding - it was a roped off patch of grass strewn with candy...but Scarlett loved it. Here's a picture of Scarlett and Joe right before the scramble started. Scarlett's making her "game face."She was quite proud of her "Pinker Bell" bucket. And was, for the moment, very excited that Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny showed up on a fire truck.She got the hang of grabbing candy pretty quickly.I thought she might get trampled, but as it turns out 2-4 year olds are not as vicious as I thought. Scarlett was on a roll, until...

The second I saw that Easter Bunny walk into the candy pit I knew there was going to be trouble. In fact, you can hear me say in the background "uh oh...the bunny's in here." Little did I know they would have such an encounter. Poor kid. After the trauma had subsided, I took a peek in Scarlett's bucket and saw this...
Seriously. There were candy eggs of every color spread out in the grass. There were Twizzlers and Tootsie Rolls and Snickers and this is what she decided she wanted. I guess Scarlett has a favorite color. And it happens to be pink. Tinker Bell, dress-up, doll houses, and now pink - I have to admit - I didn't see this whole girly thing coming. If you'd asked me 6 months ago, I'd have called her a toddler tomboy.
After the New Haven Green hunt we went to Scarlett's friend Pippi's house for another egg hunt. Pippi knows the deal. She had REAL eggs (and by real I mean the plastic real kind). It was at Pippi's that Scarlett realized just how awesome these eggs really were. They open...and there's stuff inside. And the stuff is edible. And delicious. (Except for yellow and black jelly beans. Scarlett does not like those. At all. I caught about 5 black and/or yellow jelly beans in my hands as Scarlett was trying to spit them out...on the living room floor.) On Sunday, Scarlett and Carson went to the Easter egg hunt at our church. (To see last year's church egg hunt, click here. It's amazing how much changes in a year.)Much to my dismay, Scarlett did not want to participate in this adorable photo op with the other kids from the church. In fact, she screamed when I put her next to the other kids. I took the photo anyway even though she's not in spite? Maybe.There were about 15 kids and 400 eggs so Scarlett did particularly well at this hunt. With a little help from mommy. After the hunt Scarlett was very excited to play on the playground. She seriously went down this slide about 30 times.
At around the 27th time she went down the slide, she started to get a little more bold. See me on the side of the slide in mid-step with my hand extending out? I actually had to catch her ankle to prevent her from shooting right off the end of the slide.
Then it was story and snack time. I guess Scarlett must be accustomed to the words "snack time" from daycare because we never refer to it as "snack time" at home. She was playing on the slide and heard "snack time" and just as I was thinking "oh she's gonna leave the playground for snack time" she took off and left the playground for snack time. Very quickly in fact. Carson and Scarlett sat and listened to the story.

Then (after a brief moment of utter confusion as we tried to determine who was going to hold who's hand) we walked over to church for the service.

Yay Easter egg hunts!!


Fleur said...

LOVE the photos of them sitting on chairs listening to the story and then holding hands. They are such good friends!! It was great seeing you guys this weekend.