Thursday, April 9, 2009

The difference between moms and dads

I came across an article recently that discussed how children with nasal allergies have a tendency to incessantly play with their nose. They lift it up, or push it down, or shift it side to side. I mentioned this to Joe. I brought up the scientific reasoning behind the fact. I showed valid concern that maybe it was time to have Scarlett re-evaluated for allergies/asthma because she has been playing around with her nose a lot lately. This is what he said.
"Lauren, the kid likes to pick her nose. Leave her and her 'boogie-nose' alone. Let her pick it."
And there it is, folks. That is the difference between moms and dads - at least in our house. Complete and total paranoia on one end perfectly balanced with the belief that nothing is ever wrong. Ever. And you know what? It works. And you know what else? We've got a nose picker on our hands.


Kate said...

that's awesome. and true.

Pokolodi said...

I hate to say it...but I'm team Joe on this one. And you know that I am rarely rooting for (although also rarely against) team Joe. Kids pick their noses. It's a perfectly sized place to stick your finger--what could be more fun??