Sunday, April 19, 2009

A beautiful day

Saturday was such a beautiful day. The only time we were indoors was for nap time. We started the day at the Beardsley Zoo. Scarlett rode the carousel with Joe. She is quite possibly the only child I know who gets excited about riding the bench on the carousel. Scarlett and Joe also got a close look at some prairie dogs. They had to go back into the tunnel about 4 times because Scarlett fell in love with the little critters.

After the zoo we went to the playground at Beardsley Park and played. Then we fed ducks. There are no pictures of the ducks because, quite frankly, the ducks could have cared less about the bread we brought for them. It was very unexciting. We gave up and let Scarlett eat the leftover roll on the way home. It was actually far more entertaining, and was definitely done in a desperate attempt to keep her awake for the car ride home. Whenever she falls asleep in the car around nap time she never falls back asleep once she gets into the house. She lost interest in the roll, so Joe gave her his phone. Check out the look on her face. Tired?
Quite possibly.Ummm...definitely.

After Scarlett woke up we brought her to the beach. She was in heaven. In fact, we couldn't get her to leave. She loved the "wa-dee" (water).And the sand.
After the beach we went to a burger joint on the water and actually ate dinner outside. Can you believe it?! It was great. In fact, the whole day was great. As we were finishing dinner and getting ready to go home, Joe and I came to the realization that this might be one of the last few family days we spend as a family of three instead of four. One day I'll be showing Scarlett these very pictures explaining to her that her baby brother was born about 3 weeks later. If even possible, it made me enjoy the day just that much more.


Pokolodi said...

I wasn't going to comment on this because I am so bitter and angry that I was stuck inside at a stupid conference instead of having family fun day like you guys. Boo! I gave in to comment after watching the video of Scarlett nodding off. That is hilarious! What does she keep saying? "No?" I could not stop laughing. And she looks like such a big kid in the picture of her sitting on the beach. That should be her new profile picture. She looks so pretty.
Did I say it already? BOO! Dumb, stupid conference.

Kate said...

that's awesome, adorable, and awesome. i remember a day like that pre-bug...but the memory mostly revolves around sitting outside at a mexican restaurant trying to eat the spiciest food i could order in an attempt to jumpstart labor.

yours is much better.

ps, i'd also like to ask how scarlett got to be such a big kid all of a sudden. make it stop, please.

Pokolodi said...

I just showed the sleeping phone video to Carson and he kept saying "almost there, Scarlett! Almost there!" I'm not sure if he was saying that because he knew she was in a car or if he was referring to her journey to sleepy-land.