Monday, April 27, 2009

Dinner and ice cream

Sunday night we went out to dinner, outside dinner might I add, with Carson and his family. It was so nice to be sitting outside. incredibly nice. We ate dinner, and then got ice cream, and then we just continued to sit there for a little while longer because that's just how nice it was. Scarlett and Carson both had ice cream cones. might not be able to tell that Scarlett was eating ice cream from these adorable pictures that Val took. If you look very closely, you can see a smear of vanilla ice cream on her chin. I'm not kidding. It's there. And if you look very closely at Carson, you can see a smear of vanilla ice cream...umm, just about everywhere. Seriously folks. Is he all boy, or what?Scarlett obviously doesn't hold the messy eating thing against Carson. At all. She jumped at the opportunity to share some of Carson's ice cream when he so sweetly offered it to her.

And, of course, she copied him and offered some right back.

Val and I have taken a liking to the term "Scarson" when referring to our kids. They've been dating for about a year and a half now, so they deserve a celebrity nickname, right? Brangelina got one after about 2 months. And honestly, we see so much of Carson that dropping two syllables will make my life quite a bit easier. So that's that. They're Scarson. And, honestly, it's scary how well it works.


Pokolodi said...

We have some seriously cute kids, if I do say so myself...even if mine is buried under a mountain of ice cream.

I can honestly say, of all Carson's friends, there isn't one I think he could sit next to like this and just giggle and be silly and have so much fun. He really loves Scarlett. Oh Scarson...I'm getting the t-shirts made tomorrow.