Monday, April 27, 2009

Josie turns 3!

Sunday we went to Josie's third birthday party. (To see last year's party, click here.) It was so much fun! Scarlett gets the whole "party" thing now. In fact, after Josie's party, Scarlett has talked almost non-stop about her party which is coming up in about 2 weeks. When I told her that Joe had school last night she started crying because she wanted to play with him at "her party." I reassured her that his class was not 13 days long and that he'd be out in plenty of time to attend the party. What a relief.
Here are some photos from Josie's big day. Scarlett waits patiently for the cake.

And sings "happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday."Miss Josie blowing out the candles.
Good stuff!
Scarlett putting on her "pretty" all by herself. I couldn't have done it any better.
Then came the presents. We got Josie a Play-Doh kitchen set. It sat wrapped on our table for about 3 hours and I'm seriously surprised that the present was still wrapped when we got it to Josie's. Scarlett likes presents. She kept pointing to it and reminding me that it was Josie's present from Scarlett. Scarlett wanted to help Josie open her presents which got to be a little troublesome. We actually witnessed Scarlett throw herself on the floor for the first time while having a fit. I was so proud. She had really good form. Josie got a big girl bike. She very kindly let Scarlett sit on it. Scarlett made sure that she put on Josie's new helmet too before getting on.

I told Scarlett that she should say thank you to Josie for letting her sit on the brand new bike, to which Scarlett replied "thank you for my bike Josie!" Sigh.

We had a lot of fun! Same time next year Josie!