Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy birthday, Josie!

Scarlett's friend, Josie, turned two today! Scarlett was invited to her first kids birthday party ever! Josie was a lucky girl! She had a pinata, balloons, an ice cream cake, and Dora - as far as the eyes could see! Here are some pictures from Josie's big bash.

Scarlett and William hanging out...Josie's mom, Marie, explained to Joe and I that the world of pinatas has changed drastically since we were children. Pinatas now come with many kid friendly ribbons to pull on - only one of which will open the bottom of the pinata to release the candy. Of course, there is still nothing preventing you from beating the heck out of the pinata with a stick, but now...parents have a more "peaceful" option.
Of the vast pinata contents, Scarlett was allowed about 10 seconds of a blue lollipop. When oceans of blue drool began cascading out of her mouth I decided that was enough. Here's the pretty birthday girl! This baby knows how to party!
Scarlett wanted this pink balloon so badly! You can see it in her face when William drops it. Look at her take off after it as it floats out of his sight over on the other side of the living room. her defense - it matched her outfit perfectly.
Scarlett sat and watched as Josie opened her presents, with the eager help of her brother, Javier.Josie loved the "baby" we got her. She came fully attired in a rain jacket and rainboots. Then we started to get tired. (And we do not, in fact, like birthday hats. At all.)
And even more tired - so we had to say goodbye. Scarlett slept the whole way home. But then Aunt Stephanie came over, so...We danced on coffee tables. The end.


Pokolodi said...

Poki wonders if Scarlett didn't post this to rub in his face that she has other friends.

Anonymous said...
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Pokolodi said...
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Pokolodi said...

You got a visit from the weird random comment guy too! Ha!

Also, Poki wants to know who this William person is.