Monday, April 7, 2008

"Scarlett and Link sitting in a tree" (okay, not really)

I long for the day when Scarlett and Link will frolic amongst the daisies in lush green fields; when they will sit, hand in paw, contemplating cloud shapes and favorite ice cream flavors - but even more so, I long for this to occur without a mother's oh-so tender voice in the background shrieking (so tenderly), "Gentle...BE GENTLE!!," which is then immediately followed by a mother's tender dive across the room and then a mother's tender touch as she removes clumps of dachschund fur, and occasionally dachshund himself, from her daughter's not so tender kung fu grip. As you can see in this video, we're getting there folks. Link has succumbed to Scarlett's violent ways. He's waving the white flag. It's apparent that he's so starved for attention he is finally seeking it out from the same 10 month old who beats the crap out of him. But all that's changed now. Observe...



Pokolodi said...

Oh, we really need to get Link and Max together. Poor guys.