Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who doesn't like spaghetti?

Scarlett, that's who. Joe and I had initially thought that she might just be having difficulty getting it into her mouth, so we helped her out. Yeah...not so much. She certainly had no trouble taking the spaghetti right back out of her mouth...and off of her high chair. Luckily, I was a smart mom and made some chicken parmigiana to accompany the pasta - of which Scarlett had no qualms with eating. Throughout the meal, the dog was blessed with many handfuls of spaghetti from up above. He was doing his little tap dance around the bottom of her high chair to the song entitled "Spaghetti from Heaven." (It's an original.)

One thing Scarlett does like is her sippy cup. She likes it so much that she has been asking for it at various times throughout her meals. Scarlett has started pointing recently and within two days of learning the trick she realized it could get her stuff. She did this first with her sippy cup, and I have to say - this has been one of my favorite milestones so far. I've been lugging around this baby for the past 11 months and, until now, have had almost no idea what was going on in her head. Now I know...she wants stuff.


Pokolodi said...

Andrei's reaction to the pointing/milk video: "Oh my God. That's amazing." I smell a finger pointing bootcamp in the works.