Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday, late afternoon.

Saturday evening, Scarlett and I met Joe after work, and then met Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Craig to hang out at a park. Actually, the real story is that Joe and Uncle Craig wanted to throw around a softball for a bit before their softball league starts in a couple weeks and Scarlett, Aunt Stephanie, and I were lucky that a park just so happened to be there. My baby sister, and my baby bubbaloo. Then we went to Archie Moore's in Milford for dinner. Did we have fun? Whadda ya think? Here's Scarlett putting on a show - as usual. It's quite appropriately titled, "The Scarlett Show." We're working on a theme song.


Pokolodi said...

Did Scarlett drive there? Wow--impressive. You have a designated driver now that she has her own wheels.