Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some seriously crazy baby hair

Okay...look at this craziness. Seriously folks, people would pay good money for this kind of style - style which apparently comes to her royal cheekiness naturally. This
mohawk-esque do was accomplished with absolutely no product whatsoever - just a little towel-drying and a touch of the crazies, compliments of Miss Cheeky herself. I actually shed a tear when brushing this out. It's too bad so-much-style has an 8 o'clock bedtime and can't hit up the town for the evening. Actually, so-much-style doesn't even know what the town is yet, which would even further prevent her from "hitting it up." in lies the real test. Scarlett's hair isn't crazy until Nick Nolte says it's crazy. Well Nick...whadda ya say?
"I say it's crazy," says Nick, "I say it's cra-zy."


Pokolodi said...

I cannot stop laughing.