Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Getting so much better all the time"

Scarlett is getting so much better using her toys. The rings which accompany her ring stacker are no longer just irksome, but rather entertaining after all. Oh...and please excuse the new parent "YAYS!" subsequent to every successful stack. If Joe and I cheer like this over the fact that Scarlett can stack rings, what on earth is going to happen when she wins a gold medal in the Olympics? Scarlett starts off with the blue ring. It's the biggest and therefore the easiest to put on the stacker.

And with complete and total determination, Scarlett moves on to the more challenging green and yellow rings. The orange ring is currently MIA. It was thrown somewhere in Scarlett's "I hate these rings" phase. The red ring, the hardest of them all, is still being mastered. It actually has distracting rattley-shakey bits in it, which Scarlett cannot see past. How's a kid supposed to deposit a ring on said stacker when it makes a cool noise if you shake it. Come on, Fisher Price, what were you thinking? Will you ever learn?

Oh...and the "gumballs" get put away now too. She doesn't quite enjoy giving them up - as you'll notice when she frantically tips the gumball machine towards her to make sure the "gumball" did not fall into some black void and become irretrievable for eternity.

Yay Scarlett!


Pokolodi said...

What? Only 2 1/2 minutes of Scarlett putting rings on a stacker?
Can you tell how bitter I am that Carson has no idea how any of his toys work? Maybe in three weeks he'll be able to put the rings on his stacker too. sigh ...I've only been showing him how to do it for 5 months now.