Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scarlett's first steps!

Well...kind of. This is more of a re-enactment of what Scarlett's first steps looked like - minus, of course, Joe setting Scarlett up so she is in perfect pre-step position. Come on - you can't really think that we just so happened to have camera in hand for this miraculous and wobbly occurrence. (I will never forgive myself). I assure you though, the actual first steps looked exactly like this, and they were taken by Scarlett without any parental assistance. I'm not saying they're bounding steps. I'm not saying they're graceful steps. But they're undeniably steps...kind of.


Pokolodi said...

And we thought Carson would walk first!!! Oh My Goodness! Scarlett MUST show us in person on Sunday!
"Yaaaaaay" is right!