Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today we went to the Kidcity Museum and we had a blast. In attendance were Val and Carson, and Val's friend Marna and her daughter Penelope. Little Miss Penelope was kind enough to give Scarlett a tour of the museum, which was much appreciated because it is gianormous. We didn't get to take too many pictures - mainly because I had my arms full of baby and baby accessories - but we did manage to get a few. Unfortunately, Penelope wasn't in any of them. To meet her, visit her blog by clicking here.


Pokolodi said...

It was so great hanging out with all the gals. We have to do it again very soon!
And Scarlett is such the fashionista--her outfit and the museum background perfectly compliment each other!

Penelope Harriette White said...

Thanks for the mention. Great to finally meet you. Scarlett definitely made an impression on Penelope - she still knew her name when we got home. That's big!