Thursday, March 13, 2008

Battle Royale à la Stacker

Here it is folks, the infamous ring stacker. Scarlett loves this toy. She really loves it once she gets those pesky and annoyingly colorful rings out of the way - because honestly...what are they good for? Now that stacker though...oh, in its prime and naked good for the greatest thing known to mankind. Banging. When Scarlett gets hold of that stacker - look out world cause it's bangin' time. No wall, dog, coffee table, head or eye socket is safe from stacker-armed Scarlett.

That being said...Joe went to pick up Scarlett from daycare yesterday and he was greeted with a little story as to how Scarlett had spent her afternoon. Her daycare provider has this same ring stacker toy. Her daycare provider also has 2 other babies in her care, aged 14 and 18 months. Apparently, babies and stackers don't mix. They all love this stacker - and I repeat - not the rings...just the stacker. Her daycare provider witnessed these three babies fighting tooth and nail over this stacker (which, of course, is going to happen at a daycare). She said they were all sitting in a circle holding onto it like their world would end if they let go. After the story, Joe looked to his right and who do you think was sitting there holding the stacker? My bruiser baby, Scarlett. He picked her up, and the second she was off the floor the other 2 babies came running over to fight over the stacker again. Oh Scarlett...was it something you said? Did you stacker attack them? The world may never know.


Pokolodi said...

Okay--we need

Carson likes the stacker too, but he doesn't bang it--he chews on it...or at least he tries to. It doesn't quite fit in his mouth. Ahhhh...There in lies the challenge.

Pokolodi said...

I just read this to Andrei and he was cracking up the whole time. :)