Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kid City...again!

This weekend, Scarlett brought her dad to Kid City. We were all prepared to go to our regular New Haven Children's Museum for story hour, but they were closed for the holiday (which very much fell on Sunday and not on Saturday, but I didn't argue). When learning that there would be no story hour, I had a brief moment of panic at the possibility of Scarlett having a weekend without culture. We had to get somewhere quick. So quick, in fact, that we made no attempt to soothe the savage beast that was Scarlett's hair on this particular day. She was having some seriously crazy baby hair. Here are some pictures of Scarlett showing her dad the ropes...with crazy baby hair.Scarlett was being a little cheeky, so we made her crawl the plank. There she is, folks, my cheeky baby.
Up to something fishy.
What can I say? The girl likes steam...and bowls for banging. Who doesn't? Scarlett was having a bad hair day, which is nothing but obvious in the picture below. Even mom spit wasn't helping. Quoting my friend Val - she was having a "Nick Nolte mugshot" hair day. They're the best kind.
I won't even tell you how long it took to get this picture. Long enough that my camera died three minutes later. We'll just leave it at that. Kid never let us down. We'll be back Kid City...we'll be back. But next time, we'll have better hair.


Pokolodi said...

Nick Nolte mugshot...did I really say that? God, I'm funny.