Thursday, April 17, 2008

"And she'll have fun fun fun until daddy takes the buggy away...cause it's time for bed."

Scarlett got a new toy tonight. I labeled it "the day before her 11-month birthday present," so I didn't feel so guilty about buying her yet another toy. Scarlett's daycare has one of these, and Scarlett loves it. Now that it has warmed up quite a bit, Lesia (her daycare provider) has been bringing the kids outside to play and has discovered that it is necessary for someone to be pushing Scarlett in this at all times...or meltdown central occurs. cheeky baby. She likes it so much that we got her one for home too. How could we not? Here is a video of Scarlett first laying her eyes on her new ride, while it still has that "new car" smell. Joe had yet to install the headlights, the radio and cruise control - heck he hadn't even installed the ignition yet, but it ran fine. (The aforementioned are all stickers, of course.)

We drove all the way up to the front of the house...
and back again. Scarlett was so proud of her ride that she insisted we park it out front and blast the newly installed radio so that everyone driving by will think she's cool. I think she got that from the neighbours."Not now mom...I am trying to look cool."Link also liked the new car. We invented a new game of "run over the dachshund," but Link was too quick. We changed the title to "try to keep up with the dachshund" instead. Man we suck at that game.As it started to get dark, we headed inside. This was MUCH to the dismay of Scarlett. (I see what you mean, Lesia.) Hi, meltdown. We had to bring the car inside with us, and Scarlett and dad played with the car inside for a bit. That is, until dad lost his voice from making fake car noises. Yeah...I wish I was kidding.


Pokolodi said...

Okay, WHERE did you get that? I must run out and get Poki one TODAY!
Happy 1 year - 1 month birthday, Scarlett!!!!!

Pokolodi said...

I came here looking for zoo pictures, but alas! There are none.

I did, however, notice a couple of new things about this post. First, Scarlett's cool buggy has a trunk in the front! That's awesome! And second, her buggy seems to be a bit cross-eyed. Aren't you afraid that will increase her risk of having an accident?