Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

We went to the tree lighting on the New Haven green tonight. We met everyone at our church and then walked over to the green to see a boy's choir, Santa, and yes...Ronald McDonald. I told Scarlett all about Christmas but I hope she didn't get confused and wind up thinking that Ronald McDonald will be climbing down our chimney to leave her presents. That thought even petrifies me. Scarlett had a lot of fun. We got some great pictures. Unfortunately our camera ruined Christmas and died right before an adorable photo op with me, Scarlett, and Rudolph. Joe told me I should let that go already. It's hard, but I'll try.

Attack of the abominable snowbaby! Look out!

Scarlett with her friends, Elias and Jesse (and the parents, of course, but who cares about us, right?)

"Tree? What tree? Why is everybody being really, really loud?!"