Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh Canada!

We're back! What a fun trip. I don't know how, but Scarlett survived 10 hours of driving each way without making one peep. She was awesome - as always. She had no trouble sleeping, eating, or maintaining her utterly pleasant disposition while in a foreign country. That must come from her being half Canuck. We did encounter some snow which came as a shock to everyone. It was cold "oot and aboot." This explains the ridiculous hood that I made Scarlett you can see she finds it hilarious. It has fur on it...come on...fur is funny!
Here is a picture of Joe and Scarlett right before the Canadian border. Note the evil eyes of Joe as I made him pose for a "very important" picture in 2 degree celsius weather ("aboot" 36 degrees fahrenheit).

We then went on to Burlington, Ontario to meet Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hopkins! Check us "oot!" (For the sake of wanting you to read on I will stop with the Canadian accent jokes now).

We, of course, had to remove and eat our socks. No day is complete without doing such.

Thanksgiving day lunch at the Swiss Chalet - this certainly beats my cooking.

Heading up to Mormor and Grandad's in Aurora - let it snow, let it snow...make it stop.Meeting Mormor and Grandad was fun for Scarlett...especially while displaying remnants of carrots all over her face! Mormor had earrings, or "bling," which were of particular interest to Scarlett. With her new pinching skills I am surprised that these earrings are still in the possession of Mormor! Daddy and carrotface hanging out (I swear I tried to wash these carrots off).
Scarlett finally got to meet Aunt Katrina and Uncle Jonathan. They had watches on their wrists and strings on their sweatshirts - all of which they let Scarlett slobber all over. What more could a baby ask for?!
Here Scarlett got to meet her second cousin, Hannah. Hannah collected giant stuffed animals from around the house for Scarlett to play with and drool on. You know...this family really gets my kid. Here is the whole Adams clan (well...minus a sleeping Scarlett)Mormor brought us to downtown Toronto for a Swedish Christmas festival. Scarlett loved looking at all the people and decorations. Here Joe and Mormor are walking Scarlett backwards on a very windy Toronto street.We think that Scarlett has grasped the idea of peek-a-boo. Either that or she has grasped the idea of completely fooling her parents - both of which would be amazing.
Well folks...that was our trip. As always it flew by way too quickly. The next time Scarlett sees her Canadian relatives she'll be walking and talking. the rate she's going she'll be doing quantum physics. Alright...that may be a stretch. She'll be doing algebra.


Pokolodi said...

There is too much I want to say...
First of all...TEN HOURS EACH WAY??? I can't even go to downtown New Haven to Daddy's office without crying! And I live in downtown New Haven!
Second, I think you are far more advanced than I am. You play peek-a-boo? I mean, I lift burp clothes over my head too, but I don't know how to play peek-a-boo with them!
Wow...I'm engaged to a very smart cookie.
I ate pears today. Have you had pears? They're so awesome!

Kate said...

my lord...TEN HOURS?!?! you're insane to even say that out loud. i'm glad scarlett proved (once again) that she's the awesomest half connecticuttian/canadian gal i know!

ps, peek----abooot! (ah ah ah...i'm the funniest person i know. in my house. at the moment.)

Pokolodi said...

And might I add that Scarlett looks more like a muppet in that hood than anything I've ever seen. I do mean that to be a compliment. How cute is she?! She seriously needs her own show. I would watch it more than LOST.

-Poki's mom