Sunday, December 2, 2007

Scarlett's first Christmas tree

Scarlett would not stop talking about the tree lighting we saw on the green the other night...see for yourselves...

So we went hunting for Christmas trees yesterday so she could have one of her very own. I'm very happy we went hunting in the woods and not hunting at Home Depot. Technically, it was a tree farm - but it was far more woods-like than Home Depot anyway. I can assure you though, that tree never saw us coming. Or, maybe it did. I think we're hard to miss. Here is a picture of us hunting trees armed with a saw - and a stroller.

There she is - our trophy tree. It's probably not customary in hunting to take a picture with your prey prior to killing it. Actually - it seems rather cruel. But there is no stopping a new mom with a camera. We're invincible.

The first ornament that went on the tree was (quite appropriately) Scarlett's "first Christmas" ornament. I have turned into quite the sap lately (a little tree humor for you) and this ornament actually brought a tear to my eye. (I had it picked out for her first ornament in - oh...October) It's Winnie the Pooh and Piglet looking into a baby's cradle and saying "How delightful, to be so brand-new." (Sob). Here is Scarlett putting it on the tree.

Scarlett was so obsessed with ornaments that, yes folks, she crawled towards them. If you can call it crawling. It was more like stealthily maneuvering from point A to point B. I'm not quite sure how she got there - I don't think she is either...but it happened none the less.

That's it! That's my post. You may not feel as if applause is necessary...but Scarlett certainly does, and that's why we all love her.


Pokolodi said...

Oh my goodness! Scarlett can clap? When did that happen??? That's fantastic!

And, yes, I think you are allowed to call that crawling. That is amazing! She is so excited when she actually catches the toy! So cute. She reminds me of that Jamiroquai video...