Monday, December 10, 2007

Not just 1...but 2

Two teeth folks. Scarlett sprouted two teeth. My friend Val made a comment about Scarlett's cookie video asking me if this meant she had teeth. turns out yes. It very much does mean that. Who knew? I will fully admit I had no idea that teeth were there until the prospect of teeth was suggested. Way to go me. Aren't babies supposed to tell you this stuff? Communicate in some crying manner "Hey ma...I'm growin' teeth here" (I don't know when Scarlett developed a Brooklyn accent). It was pretty easy to determine she had teeth too...I put my finger in her mouth and she bit me. Hard. Look out world...this kitties got claws....or teeth. And she's a baby, but look out!


Pokolodi said...

Wow--I am GOOD! I should totally get my own 1-900 number. Move over, Dionne Warwick! There is a new psychic friend in town!

Pokolodi said...

Pictures, please!