Thursday, December 27, 2007

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

We certainly did! We woke up and opened our presents at home. Then we went over to Aunt Sue and Uncle Joe's. Then we went over to Aunt Darla and Uncle Mike's. Then we went to visit Scarlett's Nan and Scarlett's Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Craig. Even better - everyone had wrapping paper for Scarlett. What can I say, she loves the stuff. Joe and I thought that by the end of the day she might be a little crabby, especially because we left the house at 1 and didn't get home until after 9...but we were mistaken. Perfect baby strikes again! Ah...the simple days when all was grand if you found a pink elephant under the tree. We named him Heffalump. Well...Scarlett named him "dada" but we thought that might get confusing in the months to come. Scarlett got a train...and a guitar..."I've got blisters on my fingers!!" (That's a quote from a Beatles song - Scarlett found it quite funny so I said it a lot)On the next episode of When Bows Attack...Too many toys, not enough hands.

Scarlett and her Nan.

Scarlett and her new "Walter the Farting Dog" book, yes, the farting dog.

That's it folks, that was our Christmas.


Pokolodi said...

Scarlett, I am so coming to your house to play. You got such cool stuff! I got a snow suit and a shopping cart cover...stuff I need. Boooring. You are so lucky that you got TOYS!
I totally agree about wrapping paper. That was my favorite part about Christmas.