Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dancing, Dancing, DANCING

If this child makes it to her first birthday without sustaining any minor injuries courtesy of her father I'd be amazed. I guess that's what dads are for. Not the sustaining minor injuries part - but the having fun while getting close to sustaining minor injuries part. Heck, if it was up to me she'd be wearing bubble wrap.


Pokolodi said...

Am I seriously on the blog as you are posting?
I am right there with you, Momma! I was about to call pediatrician earlier today (and I probably would have if it weren't a Sunday!) to ask if it was okay for my husband to carry our infant son around the house by his ankles. He was seriously just going from room to room with Poki hanging upside down.
By the way, what in God's name are you listening to?

Kate said...

that may be one of the funniest things i have ever seen. ever.