Monday, February 4, 2008

On the catwalk...

...on the catwalk, yeah...she shakes her diapered bum on the catwalk. In anticipation of her upcoming swim lessons...and because her boyfriend, Carson, looks utterly dashing in his swim trunks ( I decided to play dress up with Scarlett and her bathing suits. She has three...all of which were purchased last September in anticipation of this summer. Thank goodness we are doing swim lessons because none of them will fit this summer. giant baby. We only made it through two of the three swimsuits. I thought it was difficult getting myself into a swimsuit but whew...this was hard. Carson and Scarlett will be taking swim lessons together - after the swim lessons, Carson's mom and I will be peeling a skin tight wet swim suit off of a squirmy nine month old Scarlett together. Scarlett's first runway appearance. She really tries to pry herself away from her toys, but those toys are persistent. Hollywood here we come!


Pokolodi said...

I love the backless suit with the peak of a diaper.