Monday, September 24, 2007

The Big E!

Scarlett's first trip out of state - The Big E! After a very long debate on what the big E of "The Big E" stood for (I lost. East made complete sense to me at the time. It's very much Expo.) we made our way through the (very expensive) gates. Scarlett is using a big girl stroller now. She faces forward instead of a lying-on-her-back tilted-to-the-heavens angle. She is far more accustomed to it than I am. I have to run a few steps ahead of Joe and the stroller so I can check on her. This happens about every five minutes. I remember there being a lot more to do at The Big E when I was younger. The 3 of us just walked around this time. A lot. We did, however, bump into an elephant, some cows from CT, and a mini horse. Oh...and a kangaroo which Scarlett liked so much she started uncontrollably drooling. I left that photo out of the bunch.