Friday, June 18, 2010

Story of a Working Mom

You have a job. And you love that job.
Then you have a baby. And man. You REALLY love that baby. But there's that whole job thing. So, faced with the difficult decision of staying home or working, you choose to work. And you send baby to daycare.
Your baby is at daycare all day. You work all day, often daydreaming about baby while staring at the pictures of baby's smiling face that are hung up in your office. (You really miss baby.)
Outside of the basics, you know very little about how baby spends the day. You know baby is safe, of course, and fed and cared for - but if baby laughs, you don't hear it. If baby does something cute or dances or claps, you don't see it. And that makes you sad sometimes.

But then, baby's teacher sends you a picture like this:and a picture like this:and you get a glimpse of how baby is spending the day. And you see baby is happy and around people that care enough about them to take their picture in the first place. And this really makes you smile.


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